About me

About me

Hello and welcome to kleine körbchen!

My web shop specialises in lingerie in cup sizes AAA to A so that we women with a petite bust size can finally wear beautiful lingerie just like anybody else.

As a 33-year-old mother of two children (at that time), I was fed up of sales assistants sending me to the children’s department with a compassionate smile whenever I went bra shopping. I never seemed to be able to find anything in standard lingerie departments that would fit my figure. In April 2012, I therefore decided to close the market gap and began doing the research for kleine körbchen.

kleine körbchen is for all women whose small bust size makes it difficult for them to find underwear that is both comfortable AND attractive. I believe every woman should have the chance to wear beautiful lingerie that actually fits while emphasizing her natural beauty -  without getting frustrated when going shopping.

Very soon, I had put together a small, exquisite range of products for cup sizes AAA to A and finally opened my web shop at the end of 2012.

I hope you will enjoy browsing and shopping. I’m always happy to receive your questions and suggestions.

Anna Christina Rau
(Owner of kleine körbchen)