Finding your bra size

Finding your bra size

In order to make sure your new bra from kleine körbchen is comfortable and sits well, we have put together a few important hints and tips to help you get the right size.
Your breasts change over time. Various situations (e.g. gaining or losing weight, being pregnant, breastfeeding etc.) can make them larger or smaller, and your chest measurement directly under your bust can change, also. We therefore advise you to measure yourself again before every bra purchase.
When you try on the bra you have ordered at home, our fitting tips will also help you adjust the bra so that it fits you properly. Two bras in the same size will not necessarily fit the same on a different woman. A 75AA bra that one woman finds very comfortable may still be very uncomfortable for another woman with the same measurements.
You should also be aware that our bras are made for adult women, i.e. for women whose bust has finished growing. This is important, as a bust that is still growing has a different shape, irrespective of the size. Teenage girls would therefore find many of our bras uncomfortable and ill-fitting.
In order to make sure a bra fits properly, you need to take two measurements: your chest circumference under your bust, and your chest circumference over your breasts.

How to determine your bra size?

Step 1: Measure your chest underneath your bust
Measure your upper body circumference using a measuring tape. The measuring tape should run around your back under your shoulder blades (where the bra closure would be) and meet in front directly under your breasts. Please make sure the tape is held parallel to the floor and that is it neither too tight nor too loose. You should be able to continue breathing comfortably and should avoid holding your breath.
This will give you your band width: 65, 70, 75, 80 ,85 etc. The sizes are defined in such a way that they also encompass chest measurements of 2 cm more or less. A chest measurement of 78 - 82 cm, for example, means your band width is 80.

Step 2: Measure the fullest part of your bust
For the bust size the measuring tape should run around the fullest part of your bust, around your back (where the bra closure would be) and over to the front and meet at nippel-level. This will give you your bust measurement. Again, take care the tape measure runs parallel to the floor.

Step 3: Calculate your cup size
Now compare your band width with your bust measurement.

Bust measurement 8 - 10 cm larger than band width = AAA cup
Bust measurement 10 - 12 cm larger than band width = AA cup
Bust measurement 12 - 14 cm larger than band width = A cup
If, for example, your band width is 81 cm and your bust measurement is between 91 and 93 cm, your bra size is likely to be a 80AA.
Generally speaking, the larger the band width, the larger the cup size. An 75AA cup, for example, is bigger than a 70AA cup, but of similar size than a 80AAA cup.